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Writings from the Sundarbans

Writings from the Sundarbans

Author:Edited by Indranil Acharya and Sayantan Dasgupta
ISBN 13:9789354422713
Subject:Language and literature

About the Book

This anthology aims to document and disseminate in English translation, literary narratives on the Sundarbans composed in Bangla by authors belonging to this great riverine ecosystem. The collection foregrounds the many issues that continue to haunt marginalised communities across the world. An attempt has been made to give voice to the subaltern concerns over agency and participation, inclusion into the mainstream, individual as well as collective rights and sociopolitical and cultural recognition. Contents: Acknowledgements General Introduction Editor’s Introduction 1. Neader / Bimalendu Halder 2. The She-Jackal of Bawaali / Panchanan Das 3. Dokhno / Panchanan Das 4. The Museum / Panchanan Das 5. Shaplas / Panchanan Das 6. The Father and the Mother / Prasad Kumar Mandal 7. The Second Death / Jaykrishna Kayal 8. The Shrimp-catchers of the Mangrove Forest / Niranjan Mondal 9. The Crocodile / Shyamal Kumar Pramanik 10. Kshantoburi’s Family / Shyamal Kumar Pramanik 11. Pathshala / Shyamal Kumar Pramanik 12. Suleiman Fakir / Shyamal Kumar Pramanik 13. Birds of the Forest / Shyamal Kumar Pramanik 14. The Chronicle of Hariya Dom / Shyamal Kumar Pramanik 15. Ghost Tiger / Utpalendu Mondal 16. Bhushon and his Family / Utpalendu Mondal 17. Tulsi’s Chronicle / Utpalendu Mondal 18. Silt / Pranab Sarkar 19. The Maneater, or Merely an Account of My Travel / Bikas Kanti Middya 20. The Will to Live / Biswajit Halder 21. Kanu / Biswajit Halder 22. The Immersion March / Pabitra Mandal 23. Nostalgia or Stories of Roots and Soil / Aparesh Mondal 24. My Childhood: An Oral Narrative / Archana Mandal Glossary Notes on Contributors About the Editors About the Author: Indranil Acharya, Professor and Head, Department of English, Vidyasagar University. Sayantan Dasgupta, Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University.