Writings Across Genres: Indian Literature, Language and Culture
Mousumi Guha Banerjee
  • ISBN : 9788192624488
  • year : 2015
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The question of 'de-anglicizing' English arises as a result of the many debates that have been there going on for some time related to English as a medium of literary and communicative expression. In an era of lively postcolonial debates, other world (excluding British) literatures in English are often debated on. In the midst of such deliberations, how can one afford to be a partisan of the 'language debate' any more, when the very notion of 'language' is now significantly transcending geographical and cultural considerations? This book deals with topics as varied as English as a language, Indian literature in English, the literature of a British poet at the same time along with the cultural implications and communicative aspects of the language. It is also an endeavour on the part of the author to deconstruct the very notion that English - as some people would even now like to believe - very specifically belongs to the English-speaking part of the world, and hence is a language that particularly talks of the once-upon-a-time colonizers.