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Writing the City: Looking Within, Looking Without

Writing the City: Looking Within, Looking Without

Author:Edited by Stuti Khanna
ISBN 13:9789352879229
Subject:Language and literature

About the Book

Writing the City is a collection of essays that portrays both the commonalities and the diversity of the cities of contemporary South Asia. Through their deeply personal accounts, the contributors explore the relationship of their writings to place and space and thus present the many ways in which city-spaces are created in literature today. Food, travel, architecture, education, memories, political turmoil and a deep sense of nostalgia come together in this collection to provide vivid and vibrant accounts of the authors' creative journeys. The contributors include well-known names such as Amitabha Bagchi, Cyrus Mistry, Tabish Khair, Anita Nair, Anees Salim, Anjum Hasan and others. Contents: Introduction 1. Bombay and Delhi: The Two Cities of My Life Chandrahas Choudhury 2. Cities are Made for Adventures Zac O’Yeah 3. Dreaming of a Lost City in a Mad Country Samrat Upadhyay 4. The Tolstoy of the Biharis Siddharth Chowdhury 5. Growing Up in the Chicken’s Neck Sumana Roy 6. In Search of Anjum Hasan Anjum Hasan 7. Living in the Place of Your Imagination Manju Kapur 8. Sometimes a Hawk is Just a Hawk Amitabha Bagchi 9. Tales from the Nameless Town Anees Salim 10. The Cosmopolitanism of Small Towns Tabish Khair 11. Dying Modern Saikat Majumdar 12. The Times they are A-Changing. . . Cyrus Mistry 13. The Writer and the City Ankush Saikia 14. When the Lights Go Down in My City Anita Nair