Writing Social Science: A Personal Narrative
Paramjit S Judge
  • ISBN 13 : 9788131610985
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Contents: • Making a beginning: By way of introduction • What should you have before venturing to write? • Starting to write • What one should write • Where to publish your work • Writing the paper/book as a professional commitment • Objectives, research questions, hypotheses, and methods used • Discussion of data • Imaginary facts • Stating truth, owning facts • Writing conclusion • References / bibliography / notes • Revising, editing, and seeking comments from peers • Ethics and plagiarism • By way of conclusion Appendix I: Social Science Knowledge and Its Evaluation: Discourse of Book Reviews Appendix II: Social Science Research Methods and Knowledge Claims The present work is an outcome of the efforts to make writing social science research easy for the young researchers. Based on the personal experience of the author with regard to the challenges faced while writing thesis, research paper or monograph by the young researchers, the book is written with the idea of making a journey into the world of ideas and their presentation in the written form. The work is also an attempt to make sense of how the researchers, the Indian state through the University Grants Commission and world of publishing interact in making of the Indian social sciences. Issues of references and ethics have also been extensively dealt with to enlighten the researchers about the way the politics of academics works as well as how to overcome various challenges with regard to language issue, approaching journals and avoiding getting trapped into the unknown world of publishing.