Wrinkles on the Margins
Sarbjeet Kaur Sohal
  • ISBN : 9789391504274
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Sarbjeet Kaur Sohal is a versatile author, she is writing poetry, fiction, columns in newspapers. She has also proved to be a excellent organiser of literary events and a dedicated goal-driven teacher. She has previously published seven collections of poetry from 2010 to 2021. In addition to her three critical works, she has contributed to the field of translation and editing. It can be said that by writing a collection of short stories Wrinkles in the Margins, she has used a new form to express her creativity from poetry to story. Sarbjeet Kaur Sohal’s pen weaves dense, ordinarily extraordinary humane tales, first of their kind in Punjabi. Her debut anthology Wrinkles on the Margins consisting of 11 stories translated by Jasmine Anand explores the psychology to find flight, the emotional labyrinth, and stygian inner recesses of women’s mind and their emotions limited as well as swayed by the dominant layers of the patriarchal fold. Easy yet uneasy; these experimental stories will envelope you, trigger you, jolt you, and knock you to open your apertures to the thoughts, culture, and latent structures in the lives of middle class women. The body, mind, and emotions of females are explored from every angle: realism to surrealism, fight to flight, success to tragedy; in simple yet blunt and forceful language, and expressive idioms. The richly crafted anthology sets the tales aflame with realism, magical realist technique, polyphonic voices, montage, and the technique of alienation. Sharp, socially conscious, and utterly gripping, Wrinkles on the Margins is a shining example of the contemporary translated Punjabi short stories with both the slice and pause of life at its best.