Wow No Side Effects (Living Healthy Naturally Volume 1): My Experiences and More Paperback (Fourth Edition, first published in January 2011, Oct. 2011, 2013,)
Mridula Sharma
  • ISBN : 9788191001303
  • year : 2015
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I learnt my first asanas from my mother and then from the great Himalayan yogis, Swami Yogeshwaranand, who was brahmachari Vyas Dev at that time, and from Swami Shivananda, of Divine Life society, at his ashram. Because of my special situation I was close to him. I am a post graduate in political science. Having studied subjects like political theory, international law, public administration, political history and constitutions of various countries. I have graduated in English literature and psychology. I have been a secretary of the Lioness club for a number of years, and was founder / managing trustee of an NGO named Anchorage where we imparted computer knowledge to rural women. My daughter is running it now. I kept on growing, learning as I moved on in life. My children were my major concern. Teaching them various skills and bringing them up to be valuable members of society was my prime aim. At one time we were four celebrities living under one roof. As we brought up our family we dealt with health problems at home, with home remedies, simple herbs or cell salts