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Wonderful India Kumbhalgarh (The Majestic)

Wonderful India Kumbhalgarh (The Majestic)

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Author:Amit Tejwani Photography Kapil Tejwani
ISBN 13:9781946515650
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Painting and Sculpture

About the Book

The land of Mewar is the honor, dignity and a symbol of pride of the heroics of Rajputs. Mewar is known for its prosperity, tradition, amazing chivalry and unique artistic grants in the world. Mewar has been the birth place to brave warriors like Rawal Bappa, Maharana Sanga and Maharana Pratap, who were dynamic, glorious, patriotic and freedom lovers. Their outstanding courage has not only glorified Mewar but the whole of India. Their unprecedented sacrifices shall continue to be remembered forever. "Wonderful India - Kumbhalgarh, The Majestic" takes you on a spectacular tour of the world heritage site, the Mewar fortress. This book portrays the architectural grandeur and richness of the gigantic structures of the fort in full color pictures. The pictures narrate the fort's splendid features, attributes and takes the reader back to the 15th century Maharana experiences.