Womens Superiority Through Quran
Zubeda Baig
  • ISBN : 9788121213110
  • year : 2016
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This book is here because of fifteen years of research. During this time, I was witness to women's superiority, women doing better in every field. Women now control research and research outcomes. This has led to the destruction of old and dangerous myths about the biological inferiority of women espoused by men. Through this new research, women's bodies and minds have in fact been proven superior. I want women and girls to continue on this trend of becoming scholars and progressive thinkers like Amina Wadud. Her authority over the Quran is not matched by anyone else. Upon reading her books, I knew my research was complete. She has the ability to be analytical without taking a man's perspective. I hope that women and girls everywhere will take a stand for themselves and learn of their superiority. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:- I was born in Damoh on November 14, 1949. My maternal grandfather, Dr. N. Chetterge delivered me. His wife, my grandmother, was a jew and they raised my mother as a Christian. My father's family belongs to the landlords. His mother's first cousin was Zakir Hussain, the first Muslim President of India. I have four brothers who have remained in India. After a call from my Uncle to visit, I departed to America in 1975. In 1977, I married Mirza Baig. We have two children. My son Zameer is married and has a child, Noah. My daughter is a practicing lawyer who earned her J.D. from Northwestern University in Chicago. I was educated at St. John's College in Agra and Aligarh University. I later earned my political science degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I became interested in women's empowerment so I received my PhD in Gender Equality from Lucknow University