Women Rights in India: Contemporary Issues & Challenges
Edited by Dr Afkar Ahmad and Dr P P Mitra
  • ISBN : 9789387839328
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: 1. CONSTITUTIONAL PROMISES VIS A-VIS QUEST FOR GENDER JUSTICE: A CRITIQUE 2. GENDER ASPECTS OF INTERNAL MIGRATION IN INDIA: CHALLENGES & ISSUES 3. OUTLINING THE LEGAL LANDSCAPE OF RAPE IN INDIA 4. SENTENCING DISPARITY AND DISCRETION WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO RAPE CASES 5. RIGHT TO TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY: A LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL PERSPECTIVE IN INDIA 6. LAW RELATED WITH PRE-NATAL DETERMINATION OF SEX AND MISCARRIAGE WITHOUT WOMEN'S CONSENT 7. RELIGION And INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS OF WOMEN 8. TRIPLE DIVORCE UNDER THE MUSLIM LAW: A NEED FOR REAPPRAISAL 9. TRIPLE TALAQ IN INDIA: ANALYSIS OF RECENT JUDICIAL AND LEGISLATIVE INTERVENTIONS 10. ISLAM, LAW AND PRACTICES: REDEFINING MUSLIM WOMEN'S RIGHTS TO MAINTENANCE 11. RECENT TRENDS IN CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN 12. LEGAL PROTECTION OF FEMALE WORKERS IN INFORMAL SECTOR Women rights continues to be one of the much-talked subjects, although so much has been written on various aspects of women's rights. However, there still remains much to be written to meet new challenges. This book has made an endeavor to bring forth various aspects of violation of women's rights in Indian Society and it is an effort, which can be helpful for under graduate, post graduate as well as for enthusiastic readers. The entire book is divided into twelve chapters selected carefully on the contemporary issues and each chapter discerns into the issue with a fresh and different outlook.