Women and Science: Selected Essays
Maithreyi Krishnaraj
  • ISBN : 9789352625673
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This volume deals with three related spheres- women, work and science. It is concerned not only with what it means to be employed in science establishments, but more importantly, with what science means to women scientists, the significance they have derived from the experience of science education and that of being placed in an environment of scientific work. Contents- Part I- 1. Study of Women and Science need for Alternative Approaches 2. The Historical context of Women’s Entry into Science 3. The Employed Middle-class Woman as a Conundrum 4. Indian Women enter Science 5. Women and Carrier Motivation Part II- 1. Introduction 2. Women Scientist in Bombay: half way up 3. A waste of Talent and Training 4. Vocational training: An Insufficient Answer 5. In the Frontier Area About the Author: Maithreyi Krishnaraj is the Director of the Research Centre for Women’s Studies, SNDT women’s University, Bombay. She was the Fulbright Exchange Scholar in Women’s Studies to USA in 1979. With vast experience in teaching and research in the area of women and development, Dr. Krishnaraj has written extensively on the subject. She is the author of Women Women’s Studies in India; Women and Development: The Indian Experience; Women and Society in India; Towards self-Reliance for Women: Some Urban Models; Gender and The Household Domain – Social and Cultural dimensions. Besides, she has published numerous articles and organized the publication of teaching material under two series: Contribution to Women’s Studies and Reading in Women’s Studies.