Wolf's Lair
Mayank Singh
  • ISBN : 9789383930623
  • year : 2017
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A macabre plot to target Indian cities is foiled as MARCOS storm a boat near the Porbandar coast in Arabian Sea. Notwithstanding the failure, Rehan Khan, son of a decorated Indian army officer, refuses to give up. Rehan is the most essential cog in the wheel of ISI's policy of 'thousand cuts'. PM Shivaji Vatsal, his political existence at stake, and his team do not have time to lose as Rehan plans an even dangerous attack. Deceit, subterfuge and deception are the only tools available to counter this nefarious enemy. The plot moves around New Delhi, Kashmir, Adelaide, Iran, Quetta and Karachi as a game of cat and mouse unravels. Will Indian forces reach Rehan before he unleashes mayhem on India? Wolf's Lair is a riveting contemporary politico-strategic thriller treading the thin line between fiction and nonfiction.