Witch Hunting: A Comprehensive Study in Global Perspective
Manjushree Pathak
  • ISBN : 9788183249188
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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In the North East region of India including Assam, women related crime graph is steeply climbing day by day. Crimes like rape, women trafficking, dowry death, abduction and murder of women in the name of witch are becoming very common in the region. Rapid urbanization and modernization, poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness and so on are becoming the main breeding grounds for women related crimes. From various reporting, writings it is observed that such type of acts are mainly confined to Bodos, Adivasis, Tea Communities etc. It is observed that the prey of such crimes is mainly the poor, destitute, illiterate, deserted women and widow and in some cases males are also attacked as wizard or warlock. In this book, an endeavour has been made to go to the factors of causation of such crime like witch hunting throughout the world from 15th century to recent times in various countries stretching from America to Africa including India. This book ‘Witch Hunting A Comprehensive Study in Global Perspective’ covers almost all the incidence occurred since 15th Century in various countries where religion, superstitious degraded the very principles of human rights.