Dr Sudhanshu Kumar and Dr Bandana Kumari
  • ISBN : 9788126933662
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Authors have traversed through the green hilly terrains of Jharkhand to document the wonderful Kand-Mools (roots and tubers) treasure of this region. The Kand-mools are rich in nutrients and have much therapeutic relevance since antiquity, known through various ancient-documentation. The book contains altogether forty-three specimens with their snaps taken from their original habitats. Their therapeutic information have been procured from local vaidyas. The main objective adhered with this book is to disseminate the information as far as possible. It is worth mentioning here that among the forty-three specimens, thirteen such 'Kand-mools' have been described which though grow in Jharkhand but are not commonly known among the local tribes and have been identified by going through various references so as to create local awareness about these less known edible specimens. Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar is an Associate Professor at the Department of Botany in a degree college under Ranchi University. He has worked in the field of Plant Taxonomy and Ethno-botany and has documented about 850 wild plants of Jharkhand in the form of Digital Herbarium. He has been awarded three UGC Minor projects. He has published a number of research papers on Medicinal plants. He has been rewarded with the prestigious 'Dr. S.K. Jain Medal' (2018) by Society of Ethnobotanists for his significant contribution in the area of ethno medicine, preparation of Digital herbarium and wildlife studies. Dr. Bandana Kumari is an Associate Professor at the Department of Zoology in a degree college under Ranchi University for the last 30 years and has traversed deep through the wild of Jharkhand in quest of indigenous information. She has published a number of articles in a column