Edited by Johnson Thomaskutty and Mathew Chandrankunnal CMI
  • ISBN 13 : 9789351485506
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Contents Contributors Preface, Mathew Chandrankunnel CMI Foreword, Cardinal Mar George Alencherry Introduction, Johnson Thomaskutty 1. Cry from the Margins as Prayer: A Search for Biblical Spirituality of Prayer / Joy Philip Kakkanattu, CMI 2. Eco-Gender Spirituality in the Hebrew Bible: A Symbiotic Relationship between God, the Prople and the Land / Shiju Mathew 3. The Spirituality of God's Silence in Lamentations / Balu Savarikannu 4. A Subversive Spirituality of Prophet Jeremiah / Akanksha Samuel Makasare 5. The Messianic Spirituality in the Large Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaa) and Its Relevance to the Indian Christian Spirituality / Yeshwanth Bakkavemana 6. Matthean Inclusive Spirituality / Laurence Culas 7. Spirituality and Discipleship: The Role of Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) in the Markan Narrative / J. Stanly Jones 8. Holistic Spirituality in Luke 19:1-10 and Its Response to Poverty in India / Atoholi Swu 9. Male-Female Pairing in Luke-Acts: Spirituality of Inclusive Humanism / Prema Vakayil CSST 10. Luke-Acts Paradigm and Pentecostal Spirituality / Goerge Philip 11. Johannine Spirituality in the Indian/Asian Contexts / Johnson Thomaskutty 12. Logos and Dharma: A Spiritual-Hermeneutical Analysis of the Fourth Gospel to Proclaim Jesus as Sanatana Sat Guru / Mathew Chandrankunnel CMI 13. Identification with the Marginalized: The Pattern of Jesus' Spirituality / Sajitha Varghese 14. Pneumatic Nomism: Law Obedience and the Spirit in Pauline Spirituality / Arren Bennet Lawrence 15. 'Lived Experience' of the Divine: Towards Understanding Community Spirituality in Johannine Epistles / Asish Thomas Koshy 16. Tribal Spirituality and the New World: The Vocation of a Transformed Identity in the Book of Revelation / Supongmayang Longkumer 17. Healing Ministry, Borderless Church and Biblical Spirituality / Arul Dhas T. Index of the Ancient Sources Index of Authors Johnson Thomaskutty, PhD., Radboud University Nijmegen, Holland, is Associate Professor of New Testament and Dean of Biblical Studies at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India. He is also author of The Gospel of John: A Universalistic Reading (New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2020); Saint Thomas the Apostle: New Testament, Apocrypha, and Historical Traditions (London/New York: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2018); Dialogue in the Book of Signs: A Polyvalent Analysis of John 1:19-12:50 (Leiden/Boston: E. J. Brill, 2015); and several articles in journals and books. He also edited An Asian Introduction to the New Testament (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2021; forthcoming); and Serampore Mission: Perspectives in Contexts (Delhi: ISPCK, 2019). Mathew Chandrankunnel CMI, PhD., University of Leuven, Belgium; and Postdoc, Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, Harvard University, Boston; Professor of Philosophy of Science at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram and Christ University; and present Director of Ecumenical Christian Centre, Whitefield, Bengaluru. He is the author of Cosmosophy: Physics and Philosophy of the Cosmos (Dharmaram Publication, 2014); Navajeevan Sadhana (Dharmaram Publications, 2013); Ascent to Truth: Physics, Philosophy and Religion of Galileo (Chavaara Publications, 2011); Quantum Holism to Cosmic Holism: Physics and Philosophy of David Bohm (Global Vision, 2008); Philosophy of Physics (Global Vision, 2000); and others