Who were the Shudras? : How they came to be the Fourth Varna in the Indi-Aryan Society (Treasure of Ambedkar Series 5)
Dr B R Ambedkar
  • ISBN : 9789351282716
  • year : 2017
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This book is the first reprint edition of great reformist, farsighted and the father of Indian Constitution Dr. B R Ambedkar. He had treasure of knowledge which he used to frame the Constitution of the largest democracy of the world, India. One of his book ?Who were the Shudras??, which was originally published in the year 1946 is again in front of the readers in the same format and style in which it was published originally. This book deals with the Following Chapters: The Riddle of the Shudras, The Brahmanic Theory of the Origin of the Shudras, The Brahmanic Theory of the Status of the Shudras, Shudras versus Aryans, Aryans Against Aryans,Shudras and Dasas, The Shudras were Kshatriyas, The Number of Varnas, Three or Four?, Brahmins versus Shudras, The Degradation of the Shudras, The Story of Reconciliation, The Theory in the Crucible CONTENTS PREFACE I. THE RIDDLE OF THE SHUDRAS 1 II. TRE BRAHMANIC THEORY OF THE ORIGIN OF THE SHUDRAS 22 III. THE BRAHMANIC THEORY OF THE STATUS OF THE SHUDRAS 29 IV. SHUDRAS versus ARYANH 56 V. ARYANS AGAINST ARYANS 88 VI. SHUDRAS AND DASAR 104 VII. THE SHUDRAS WERE KSHATRIYAS 121 VIII. THE NUMEER OF VARNAS, THREE OR FOUR? 145 IX. BRAHMINS versus SHUDRAS 155 X. THE DEGRADATION OF THE SHUDRAS 177 XI. THE STORY OF RECONCILIATION 216 XII. THE THEORY IN THE CRUCIBLE 289 APPENDICES 246 INDEX 252