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Whispers of Wisdom

Whispers of Wisdom

Author:Radhika Nagrath
ISBN 13:9788184305272
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Philosophy

About the Book

It is modern wisdom for modern problems which is packed inside this book. If one has the clarity of concept, the age-old truths and scientific principles apply to modern age problems in a befitting manner. Each chapter is drawn from a different domain of life. There are tips for becoming a successful manager, leading a happy married life, health benefits of fasting, role of mind in curing diseases and the likes. Besides, challenges before all-inclusive Hindu Dharma, the needs of healthy society and power of feminine divine make it a universal handbook. It explicates why faith is not only a material emotion and illogical argument but has a reason and revelation attached to it. This book asks us to wake up for the sake of our own happiness. So, come and know yourself, thus recreating happiness for yourself. Goodness is all-inclusive and it needs to be spread. Why a worker bee works tirelessly with no individual benefit of its own. Its behaviour is for the greater being of the whole colony, similar is the behaviour of wasp and other such social insects. They inspire the bigger social animal ‘man’ to keep spreading goodness. And this ‘WOW’ (Whispers of Wisdom) goads us to do good, be good and speak good. Scattered here and there are power packed energy whispers with power to blast dormant minds and uplift the depressed spirits