WHAT IF EDU: Twelve provocative questions that compel you to rethink our systems of Education
Viplav Baxi
  • ISBN 13 : 9788194048206
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
WhatIfEdu examines our systems of education from twelve different perspectives. Each WhatIf question compels us to reflect on changes we can bring about in our education systems, building on the experiences of practitioners from across the world. WhatIfEdu prompts you to rethink education and to adapt innovations in governance, pedagogy, techniques, technology, skills and processes to your local contexts. It is a compelling starting point in the conversation around change in your system of education. How do we structure time better to allow reflection and personalize learning? How do we structure groups so that they are porous or permeable and open to ideas, and interactions, reflective of the abilities and interests of our children? How do we integrate curricula such that themes form the basis of learning in the classroom? How can teachers engage in reflective and collaborative practices to both learn and teach, in a rigorous and open manner? How can we better handle mixed abilities within our diverse classrooms? Are we industriously creating degrees? Shouldn't we reward every child's achievements and aggregate them into portfolios that more truly reflect their abilities? Which new skills and specializations must teachers acquire to meet the demands of the new age digital economy? How can teachers use games, gamification and simulations to enhance impact in the classroom, build 21st century skills and adopt new age assessment methods? How can we encourage our children to engage openly and constructively with makers in the giant laboratory that is our world? How can massive open online courses (MOOCs) really live up to their promise? How can school ownership be vested in the people who are most impacted by it? How can we wisely employ humor in our classrooms?