West Asia At War: Repression, Resistance and Great Power Games
Talmiz Ahmad
  • ISBN : 9789354895258
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Events in West Asia constantly demand global attention due to regional conflicts, faith-based divisions, sectarian violence and wars that are often ignited by external powers. Popular agitations for political, economic and social reform frequently make the scenario even more fragile, turbulent and uncertain. West Asia is a destination for millions of pilgrims to sacred sites venerated by the three Abrahamic faiths - Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It is also at the heart of global energy, trade and financial dynamics, the centre of logistical connectivity projects, and an emerging hub of technological research and development. As a new world order asserts its claims across Eurasia and the Indian Ocean, West Asia is witnessing new diplomatic initiatives to reshape regional alignments and define the new order. Developments here are of abiding concern for India - it is closely tied to the region in terms of energy, trade, investment, logistical connectivity and the interests of its eight-million strong resident community. West Asia at War, written by veteran Indian diplomat Talmiz Ahmad, combines an understanding of the diverse forces that are shaping the politics and economics of this region, and paints a portrait that is at once grim, painful, colourful and exciting.