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Weeping Farm

Weeping Farm

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Author:Thukral and Tagra

About the Book

This research has taken the shape of didactic games that attempt to encourage the participants to learn together of the enormity of the tragedy of farmers'suicide and farming crisis in rural india. T&T's repertoire of games as both a disruptive and playful avant-garde gambit, as well a tool of art pedagogy and social awareness, has helped enlarge the scope of their art practice and deppen its relevance to the contemporary outside the white cube. Games are played with codified rules. Like play that is symptomatic of a desiare to break from the cyclical repetitive calendar, games counter alienation and offer emancipation through sociality that draws the individual palyer into the public sphere. Game as art work is idle, latent form that achieaves its potential only through the palyers'immersion into the experience the art game affords. Games'complexity or thick aesthetic comes from the players during the course of the game. Games proposed as artworks become experiments in the palyers and creators sharing authorship for the duration of the game. In present times, as advance of capitalism encounters resistance. T&T's turn to activism through their art and speculative design practice, is a case of artists following the trajectory of their artistic practice to its logical end.