We the Oodles
Atul Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789390378036
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Many years ago, the International Cricket Council and the world were told with irrefutable logic and mathematical proof that cricket was institutionally fixed. The authorities and others slept. A few years ago this was vindicated even through judicial process in the top Court of India. Everyone still remained in deep slumber. A key insider said this year that all cricket matches we see were fixed, akin to movies directed by someone else. Tipsters openly announce same on social media round the clock. Yet, no one is concerned. What does it mean and how serious are the implications— financial, political, and social? Atul Kumar contemplates hard and deep, recounting his tumultuous odyssey, straight from the heart, with no holds barred. Recent global catastrophe from Corona virus curiously and sorely connects. Finally, here is a copy that will confound the learned readers many times over. Supported by the recorded account, it unravels all around camouflage; leading us to a new cherished order. An explosive work of distilled sagacity to mesmerise everyone across borders, religions, professions, genders, and generations. A must read for one and all.