Water Resources of Western and Central Regions of India: Status, Issues and Strategies (Special Publications 12)
Edited by Subhajyoti Das and Raymond A Duraiswami
  • ISBN : 9789380998435
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Table of Contents Foreword Foreword Open Access Ntin Karmalkar, Preface Preface Open Access B. Mahabaleswar, Acknowledgements Acknowledgements Open Access Subhajyoti Das, Introduction Introduction Open Access Subhajyoti Das, Part I: Water Resources of Western and Central Regions of India: Perspectives, Ground Water Management and Sustainability in India: The Way Forward Restricted Access K. C. Naik, Ground Water Resources of Western Region of India Restricted Access G.C. Pati, Surface and Ground Water Resources of Maharashtra: Status, Management, Governance Issues, and Future Policy Restricted Access Vidyanand Ranade, Part II: Resource Potential and Development Surface Water Resources of Maharashtra: Potential, Development and Management Issues Restricted Access Dattakumar S. Chaskar, Ashok Kumar Kharya Groundwater Development and Management in Maharashtra State, India Restricted Access Prabhat K Jain, Nelofar Khan, Quality Assessment of Ground Water in Coastal Maharashtra with Special Reference to Sea Water Intrusion Restricted Access S. S. Hegde, Anu Radha Bhatia, Catherine Louis, R. K. Sharma, Water Crisis of Gujarat and Prospects in Water Sector Restricted Access Vivek P. Kapadia, Strategies for Ground Water Resources Management to Facilitate Water Security in Gujarat Restricted Access R. C. Jain, Groundwater Scenario of North Gujarat: Water Conservation and Recharge Practices Restricted Access A K Jain, D P Pati, Surface Water Scenario in Rajasthan State, India Restricted Access L. N. Mathur, Groundwater Resources of Rajasthan: Status, Issues and Strategies Restricted Access Sayelli Tembhurne, S K Pareek, S K Jain, Kaveri Salunke, Ground Water Quality of Rajasthan with Special Reference to Fluoride Restricted Access D. D. Ozha, Surface Water Resources of Madhya Pradesh: An Overview Restricted Access Rabindra N Tiwari, Pravin Kumar Tiwari, Ground Water Conservation and Artificial Recharge in Madhya Pradesh: A Pragmatic Approach Restricted Access Seraj Khan, P K Jain, K Paramasivam, Surface Water Resources of Chhattisgarh: An Overview Restricted Access Rabindra N Tiwari, Pravin Kumar Tiwari, Ground Water Resources of Chhattisgarh: Resource Potential, Status, Management Issues and Future Strategies Restricted Access Sunil Kumar, A K Patre, Sustainable Development and Management of Groundwater of Chhattisgarh: An Overview Restricted Access S K Samanta, S Sarkar, A K Patre, J R Verma, Water Resources in Goa Restricted Access Sandip Nadkarni, Delineation of Aquifers through Ground Water Exploration in Goa State Restricted Access A Subburaj, Davithuraj , A Suresha, Assessment of Groundwater Pollution Potential of Goa using an Indexing Approach (Abhesht & Galdit Models) Restricted Access B K Purandara, V Kunhambu, Davithuraj , Vidya Sujitha, Sudhir Kumar, J V Tyagi, A Suresha, Part III: Resource Management and Strategies: Science and Techonlogy Water Resources Management in India: A Peep Through Ages Restricted Access M L Jhanwar, Aquifers: Forging the Convergence Between Groundwater and Communities in the Heterogeneous Groundwater Systems of Western and Central India Restricted Access Himanshu Kulkarni, Neha Bhave, Devdutt Upasani, Rakesh Gupta, Ground Water Resources of Gujarat: Status of Development, Management Strategy and Policy Restricted Access Anoop Nagar, Groundwater Scenario, Issues and Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Rajasthan, India Restricted Access L N Mathur, Delineation of Phreatic Basaltic Aquifers in the Upper Nira River Basin, India and Evaluating the Efficacy of Methodologies Used for Estimating their Groundwater Potential – A Case Study Restricted Access V Krishnamurthy, Raymond A Duraiswami, Annexure - 1 – Editors and Contributors Annexure - 1 – Editors and Contributors