Water Resources of Kerala: Status and Management (Special Publications 10)
Edited by Subhajyoti Das and E Shaji
  • ISBN : 9789380998411
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Table of Contents Foreword Foreword Open Access B. Mahabaleswar v-v Acknowledgements Acknowledgements Open Access Subhajyoti Das vi-vi Introduction Introduction Open Access Subhajyoti Das 1-4 Part I - Resource Potential and Development Status of Surface Water Resources of Kerala – Development and Management Issues, Future Strategies Restricted Access Dinesan V. P. 5-10 Ground Water Resources of Kerala: Prospects and Development Strategies Restricted Access K. R. Sooryanarayana, K. Balakrishnan, R. G. Krishnan, V. K. Vijesh 11-19 Freshwater Sources of Kerala – Hydrometeorological Scenarios, Environmental Threats and Management Strategies Restricted Access K. Sreelash, P. Arulbalaji, K. Maya, D. Padmalal 20-30 Plausible Offshore Freshwater Aquifer System off the Kerala Coast: A Case Study from the Kuttanad Area of Kerala Restricted Access V. Kunhambu, N. Vinayachandran, D. S. Sureshbabu 31-37 Water Resources Development and Conservation in Lakshadweep Islands, India Restricted Access K. Md. Najeeb, N. Vinayachandran, K. Balakrishnan 38-47 2018 Post Flood Groundwater Scenario of Kerala: A Critical Analysis Restricted Access E. Shaji, V. Kunhambu, A. P. Pradeepkumar, R. B. Binoj Kumar 48-51 Major Element Chemistry of the Bhavani River, Kerala, SW India – Weathering Processes and Solute Transport Restricted Access Vipin T. Raj, Gayathri J. A., Vandana M., Sreelash K., K. Sajan, Padmalal D. 52-59 Water Quality of the Phreatic Aquifer System in Kerala Restricted Access A. Subburaj, P. Nandakumaran, N. Vinayachandran, S. Singathurai 60-67 Part II - Resource Management and Conservation Surface Water Resources of Kerala: Key Policy Issues and Management Strategies Restricted Access Sudheer Padikkal 69-75 Scope of Groundwater Conservation in Kerala: Case Studies and Policy Restricted Access A. Subburaj, N. Vinayachandran, V. R. Rani, Santhanasubramani 76-85 Role of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Coastal Aquifer Management Restricted Access Murugan Ramasamy, Remya R., Reji Srinivas, D. S. Suresh Babu 86-97 Acceleration of Hydrological Cycle: Evidences from the River Basins of Kerala Restricted Access Merin Mariam Mathew, Micky Mathew, K. Sreelash 98-105 Precepts for Groundwater Drought Index in Kerala: A Case Study from Chaliyar River Basin Restricted Access Lal Thompson, Thomas Scaria, Prathibha Raveendran 106-117 Predictive Modeling and Groundwater Impact Assessment for a Highway Engineering Project in Vizhinjam, Kerala Restricted Access Suresh Francis, K. P. Regunatha Menon, Lal Thompson, P. Kalaiarasan 118-143 Impact of 2018 Deluge – Need to Evolve Kerala Water Resources Information System for Long Term Mitigation Restricted Access Sudheer Padikkal, Soumya R. Chandran, Joshy K. A. 144-150 Vattatha Uravakkay Jalasamrudhi – A Model Initiative on Water Conservation Restricted Access Nizamudeen A. 151-154 Is the Water Future of Kerala Fuzzy? Restricted Access E. Shaji, K. P. Thrivikramji, S. P. Prasood