Water Productivity: Principles and Practices
M. R. Umesh and B. M. Chittapur
  • ISBN 13 : 9789351249740
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Water Productivity: Why and How?/B.M. Chittapur and M.R. Umesh. 2. Concepts of Soil-Water-Plant-Atmosphere Relationship in Water Management/M.R. Umesh and Jagadish. 3. Water Efficient Crops and Cropping Systems/M.R. Umesh and Jagadish. 4. Real Water Saving in Rice Based Cropping Systems/B.K. Desai, S.R. Rajesh and U.N. Santhosh. 5. Physiological and Biochemical Adaptations to Mitigate Water Stress/Djanaguiraman Maduraimuthu and Mukesh Kumar Meena. 6. Physiological Traits to Enhance Water Use Efficiency in Field Crops/M.K. Meena, B.M. Chittapur, M.R. Umesh and M.C. Naik. 7. Hydrophilic Polymers: As Water Holding Capacity Enhancer for Maximizing Crop Yield in Agriculture/M.K. Meena, U.K. Shanwad and M. Chandranaik. 8. Recent Developments in Water Management in Rice/B.G. Masthana Reddy. 9. Water Productivity and Tillage, Crop Residue Management/M.N. Thimmegowda and B.K. Ramachandrappa. 10. Role of Liquid Organic Manures in Fertigation and Crop Production/Satyanarayana Rao, B.K. Desai and R. Venkanna. 11. Irrigation Water Management in Commercial Crops/M.Y. Ajayakumar, Y.M. Ramesh and Manjunatha Bhanuvally. 12. Precision Micro-Irrigation and Water Measurement Methodologies/R.H. Rajkumar, J. Vishwanatha, S.R. Anand and A.V. Karegoudar. 13. Potential Crops for Salt Affected Soils in Command Areas/S.R. Anand, J. Vishwanatha, A.V. Karegoudar and R.H. Rajkumar. 14. Laser Guided Land Levelling for Efficient Irrigation Water Use/P.S. Kanannavar, P. Balakrishnan, Y. Ravindra, C. Rudragouda and B. Anuraj. 15. Fertigation in Important Field and Horticulture Crops/M.V. Ravi, H.S. Latha, M.R. Umesh, G.V. Shubha and K.K. Amrutha. 16. Micro-Irrigation to Enhance Water Productivity/G.V. Srinivasa Reddy, M.R. Umesh and N. Anand. 17. Methods of Irrigation, Water Measurement and Estimation of PET/M.R. Umesh, M.Y. Ajaykumar and N. Manjunatha. 18. Scheduling of Irrigation in Major Field Crops/M.R. Umesh, N. Jagadeesh and Shanthappa Duttangarvi. 19. Precision Irrigation Water Management in Field Crops/U.K. Shanwad and M.R. Umesh. 20. Dry Direct Seeded Rice: Efficient Water Use in Irrigation Commands/P.H. Kuchanur, G.W. VanLoon, Yogeshkumar Singh, R.H. Rajkumar, S.R. Anand and S.G. Patil. 21. Herbigation in Field Crops/G.S. Yadahalli, B.M. Chittpaur and Vidyavathi G. Yadahalli. 22. Concepts and Design of Drip Irrigation in Arable Crops/N. Ananda and M.R. Umesh. 23. Irrigation Water on Incidence and Management of Plant Diseases/K.R. Shreenivasa and D. Rekha. 24. Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Irrigation Water Management/N.L. Rajesh and B.M. Chittapur. 25. Improved Water Management Practices in Horticultural Crops/B.R. Premalatha and B.N. Maruthi Prasad. 26. Alternative Use of Agro-based Industries Effluents for Crop Production/S. Bhaskar, M.S. Dinesha and C.A. Srinivasamurthy. 27. Irrigation Scheduling and Techniques in Fruit Crops/N. Jagadeesha and L. Madhu. 28. Policy Issues for Protection of Weaker Sections of the Society in the Event of Water Use/D.M. Chandargi. 29. Machinery and Implements for Water Conservation/M. Anantachar, K.V. Praksh and Sushilendra. 30. Irrigation Water Legislation, Regulation and Distribution/Amrutha T. Joshi, Suresh S. Patil, G.B. Lokesh and H.M. Swamy. Index. This book is a comprehensive knowledge source to the researchers, teaching faculty, students and other agriculture professionals. Not only importance of water is highlighted as a precious non-renewable natural resource but also the on-farm water management is equally emphasized considering the high water requiring crops as well as most efficient irrigation systems and practices with necessary work sheets. It is hoped that the book serves as a reference source for graduate and post graduate students and faculty in agricultural universities in India and abroad. This book is comprised of 32 chapters prepared on variety of topics by eminent personalities involved in agriculture research, education and extension. Previous exercises made in the country and elsewhere are briefed and new trends in water management are delineated in these chapters. Overall, the issues covered in the book are of practical and policy significance with detailed deliberations which often reappear because of their importance and diversity of experts.