Water for Life and Pleasure An Exploratory Journey through India's Water Heritage From Bronze Age Civilisation to the Modern Period
Jitu Mishra
  • ISBN 13 : 9789391952648
  • year : 2024
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
CONTENTS: Acknowledgement, 1. Dholavira Rock-Cut Well: Where it all began, 2. Betwa Flowing in the Heart of India, 3. Salmora Potters of Majuli: A Living Rclic of Riverine Trade, 4. Water Heritage of Jodhpur: Then and Now, 5. Mandu's Water Heritage Epicurean Delight, 6. Karez System of Bidar: A Persian Oasis in Deccan, 7. Bijapur Water Heritage: An Oasis in Parched Deccan, 8. Burhanpur: A Medieval Waer Oasis, 9. Step-Wells of Gujarat: A Timeless Journey, 10. Sacred Tanks of Ekamra Bhubaneswar, 11. Kumbakonam: The Celebration of Hindu Legends in Cauery Delta, 12. Deeg Palace: A Synthesis of Perisan and Indian Aesthetics in Water, 13. Water and Thar Desert Stories from Indo-Pak Border, 14. Misings living on the Curse and Gift of Brahmaputra, Index.