Wake Up and Smell the Coffee : The Imperative of Teams
Simon M Rory
  • ISBN : 9789353285906
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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. The imperative of teams. 2. Debunking some myths. 3. Topical concerns. 4. The imperative of a team effectiveness model. II. What kind of coffee do we have anyway?: 5. The traditional team The project team. 6. The virtual team Teaming work group. III. Making a great cup of coffee: 7. Goal and role clarity. 8. Leadership behaviour and participation. 9. Commitment and communication. 10. Planning and evaluation. 11. Recognition and conflict. 12. Composition and organization. 13. Endnotes. This book puts the imperative of teams in context and is a call to action. Team work is not rocket science, with no magic formulas. Debunking some popular myths about teams and the role of team leaders in the corporate world, this book provides fresh perspectives and practical approach on oft-discussed issues that drive teams capacity in approaching a certain problem and succeeding. This is a must-read for all business leaders to transform the way they approach teamwork. Reading this book will be a realization for many team leaders who will discover that the vast majority of teams have it within themselves and can substantially improve their own effectiveness without outside help. (jacket). Seller Inventory