Voices and Mute with the Buddhist Saint
Amrit Pal Singh
  • ISBN 13 : 9789355450845
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Muses carried forward of Journies in Continuation continue and carry on with Voices and Mute. Much unknown vagaries voices coursed through exploring myriad multitude emotes stretching Religious overtures philosophical at times exploring equations of Time and Thought, exploring tiffs of mind and emotions. Writing nature its serene mystical magical splendored, anguishes of fallen unsung sung Memories immortalized in Stone. Ironic never to be erased, tears ebb salutations encased in Heart and Lead. Words its magical wizardry woven into ink and paper, whizzing all over. Aim to explore depths of Dictionary Thesaurus. Buddhist Saint captures the unknown unspoken bringing forth depths unlettered to words simplistic hard wired blunt and real. Awakenings f a Young man reality and make believes run wild and imaginatively. Buddhist Saint words pierce and bring forth visions clear dispelling despair clouds with zest to go on after every dark chapter. Alabaster encloses the tumultuous times in the past seven hundred or so sun rises and sunsets. Sarcastic sardonic with excerpts of Tales of Heroes and Comic Book characters,Heroes, buffoons all cooked up to lace the traumatic times with subtle humour. Attempts also to focus on the divides of Colour associations. How society has moved on from shades of White and Black to a Rainbow of divide. Capturing the Unconcerned and the Suffrage suffered by Multitude, still retaining reverence, Complex ridiculous bordering on elevation to God. Pain of loss of a partner exacerbated by Societal stigmas painted in simple words. Crying over spilt milk of a fight which caught the imagination of a Nation for a greater quarter of an Year. Overall the experience of penning this compilation Varied diverse consumed greater part of lonesome periods brought about by The Unseen Horde and a night of despair accentuated by a delirious monologue which brought a pulsating busy boisterous Populace to a Grinding Halt. Gulliver Van Winkle desperately tries to