Vision and Mission of the Modern University System: A Sure way for India to become a Jagadguru Again
Dr R H Tupkary
  • ISBN : 9789352028641
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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The fundamentally different propositions herein are recognition and accreditation of the individual faculty for his/her expertise, preparation of such a list at the national level, bifurcation of present UGC into predominantly PG university with select UG students and UG university at the state level exactly on the lines of management of higher secondary education. It also suggests introduction of two compulsory courses, one on 'Perceptions of Individual Progress' and the other on 'Perceptions of Social / National Progress' at the PG level and in professional courses. It also gives how university should integrate with society. Contents - 1. Realities 2. What ought to but is not taught 3. Indian Ethos 4. Crisis of Character 5. Basic Syllabus Design 6. Restructuring 7. Perceptions of Progress 8. Differential Syllabii 9. Individual Faculty Accreditation 10. Research and Development 11. Social Interaction 12. Quality Control 13. Distance Education 14. Scientific Temper 15. Pivot of Social Progress 16. Selection of Vice Chancellors