Visible Muslim, Invisible Citizen: Understanding Islam in Indian Democracy
Salman khurshid
  • ISBN : 9789353335281
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Our understanding of religion in modern India is, amongst others, greatly influenced by Hinduism as we have known it over the years and the distorted aggressive political statement of Hindutva. In the highly polarized milieu of recent times, Salman Khurshid attempts to place Islam in the context of modernism, and the Indian Muslim in the perspective of contemporary politics. Visible Muslim, Invisible Citizen explains Islam to non-Muslims who do not know enough about it; places the identity of the Indian Muslim in the context of Indian democracy; and deciphers the Muslim mind in social and political contexts, beyond theology. Khurshid undertakes this onerous task primarily for the benefit of Hindus, many of whom in recent years have been forced to misunderstand Muslims and Islam. Most importantly, it is also for the Muslims themselves, to help them steer out of the morass, partly of their own making.