Virasaivism in the Light of Sripati
Bharati Goswami
  • ISBN : 9788177024333
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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In the history of Virasaiva literature the Srikarabhasya of Sripati, a commentary on Brahma-Sutra, is a very important work. Sripati (14thcentury A.D.), was one of the greatest philosophers of Viraśaiva school of Saivism. The present book is an effort to highlight the philosophy of Sripati and his contribution towards Indian philosophy, especially in the field of Virasaivism. Beginning with some fundamentals like historical approach of Saivism,development of the idea of RudraSiva, Saivism amongst the kings and great authors, classification of Saivism, life of Sripati, it discusses all the important philosophical aspects of Virashaivism and as well as Saddarśana. The philosophical aspects i.e., theory of knowledge, Brahman, Jiva, Jagat, and Liberation etc. have been analysed and compared with that of other schools of Saivism and Advaita school of Indian philosophy. Further, in this work efforts have made to include various views of Şaddarsana, to bring out a critical analysis of Sripati’s philosophy in all the relevant fields. The book is thus essentially analytical, critical and comparative in nature.