Dr Ashok Kumar Rathoure, Dr Pawan Kumar Bharti''and Dr Jaswant Ray
  • ISBN : 9789388854382
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present book updates the subject content on Earthworm, Vermitechnology, Farm mechanization and details, farming system, bio-fertilizers, bio-composting, eco-friendly approach in agriculture, remediation of soil, biological actions in Farming, organic farming, soil health improvement and bio-fertilizers. The book will be helpful for the researchers, academia working in the field of Vermitechnology, Farm and farming system, bio-fertilizers, remediation of soil, organic farming, soil health improvement and bio-fertilizers. Contents:– Earthworms and Environmental Pollutants - A View; Vermicomposting – A Sustainable Technology; Earthworms as Environmental Managers for Remediation of Contaminated Soil; Farming System and Farming Approach; Mechanization and Profitability of Small Farms through Improved Animal Drawn Implements; Effect of Paper Mill Sludge on yield Potential of Green Gram Farming; Organic Farming and its Need, Importance, Ministries and Constraints for its Adoption; Biofertilizer – A Boon for Soil Health; Use of Bio Fertilizers in Oilseed Crops