Vegetables: Genetic Wealth and Crop Improvement
D R Bhardwaj
  • ISBN : 9789389719468
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present book has been written to fulfill the emergence of hue and cry for physical resources in the world which comprise land, water and the biological diversity. Management of landscapes for both production of food and conservation of ecosystem services and wild biodiversity forms the basis for eco-agriculture. In the regime of climate change, accelerated plant genetic resource identification, collection of wild/weedy flora, inventrization, development of open pollinated varieties/hybrids, availability, assessment/refinement to maintain sustainability are focused in a comprehensive manner. In this book 1 6 different chapters are well designed to cover vegetable genetic resources, importance, utility and ethnobotany along with genetic resources of Solanaceous, Cucurbitaceous, Legume, Brassica, Leafy, Alliums, Root, Tuber, Okra, Aquatic, Rhizome, Salad/Garnish, Tree and other vegetable crops and its improvement. Under varietal wealth of vegetable crops salient characteristic features are given in details to understand the status of breeding base products. This will prove to be a critical input in strengthening trait specific vegetable genetic resources (PGR), identification of responsible gene for biotic and abiotic stresses, mechanisms of sustainable utilization of landraces in development of superior varieties and hybrids along with ongoing conservation programme at national and international organizations for future posterity. Apart from these, origin, distribution, diversity, species availability, botanical descriptions, horticultural classification, crop improvement and conservation are well highlighted. This book will be a milestone for stakeholders, researchers, breeders, teachers and conservators of India and abroad. It will cater the needs of B.Sc. (Agriculture), B.Sc. (Horticulture), M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Vegetable Science) students. Collection to conservation methodologies have been elaborately dealt with, purposely to acquaint stakeholders to students with all aspects of vegetable genetic resources which is the backbone of vegetable crop improvement program. Contents: 1. Vegetable Genetic Resources: Importance, Utility and Ethnobotany 1 2. Genetic Resources of Solanaceous Vegetables and Crop Improvement 29 3. Genetic Resources of Cucurbitaceous Vegetables and Crop Improvement 157 4. Genetic Resources of Legume Vegetables and Crop Improvement 289 5. Genetic Resources of Brassica Vegetables and Crop Improvement 395 6. Genetic Resources of Root Vegetables and Crop Improvement 435 7. Genetic Resources of Okra (Genus Abelmoschus) and Crop Improvement 461 8. Genetic Resources of Leafy Vegetables and Crop Improvement 489 9. Genetic Resources of Allium Vegetables and Crop Improvement 557 10. Genetic Resources of Tuber Vegetables and Crop Improvement 603 11. Genetic Resources of Aquatic Vegetables and Crop Improvement 665 12. Genetic Resources of Rhizome Vegetables and Crop Improvement 703 13. Genetic Resources of Salad/Garnish Vegetables and Crop Improvement 725 14. Genetic Resources of Tree Vegetables and its Improvement 745 15. Genetic Resources of Other Vegetable Crops and its Improvement 783 16. Varietal Wealth of Vegetable Crops 801 Varietal Wealth of Vegetable Crops (Not Listed in Table 2) 840 Plant Genetic Resource and Crop Improvement Base Glossary 931 References 943 Index 947