Vedvigyan-aalok: A Vaidic Theory of Universe (A Big Challenge to Modern Theoretical Physics) (Maharshi Aitreya Mahidas Pranit - Aitraya Brahman ki Vaigyanik Vyakhya) (Hindi & Sanskrit)
Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik Edited by Vishal Arya
  • ISBN : 9789352913336
  • year : 2017
  • language : Hindi and Sanskrit
  • binding : Hardbound
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Vedas are the oldest texts of the world. To understand them, the ancient sages composed their very important explanatory texts, named Brahmanical texts. Among these, the Brahmin Granth of Rigveda was created by Mahrishi Aitreya Mahidas about 7000 years ago, named Aitreya Brahmin. This is the oldest Brahmin text. Having the language of Brahmanic texts highly complex and indicative, these texts are always mysterious. Some commentators from the country and abroad have their rhetorical explanation. Shri Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik has probably made scientific interpretation of this for the first time in this world. The name of this commentary is Ved Vigyan Alok, which is published in 2800 pages in four volumes. Ved Vigyan Alok, is a very important and revolutionary book of Vedic science literature. In this text, detailed explanation of very important and serious topics, is given such as Cosmology, Astrophysics, Quantum Field Theory, Plasma Physics, Particle Physics and String Theory. The modern theoretical physics is going through a difficult period from almost 50 years. Many obstacles and problems have arisen in the field of physical research. Except for Higgs Boson and Gravitational Waves, which were predicted earlier than 50 years ago, no other special research has been done. In that case, this text will be very helpful for the modern theoretical physics. Origin and structure of space and time, origin of particles and photons, the origin of dark matter, dark energy, gravity and other field particles, structure of graviton, red shift, cause of CMB, form and origin of mass and energy, nature of electric charge and origin, the origin, nature and detailed mechanism of various fundamental forces, detailed process of creation of stars and galaxies, construction of stars’ orbits in the galaxy, the initial state of the universe, the detailed procedure of origin of the universe, which starts several steps prior than the origin of elementary particles and photons.