Vedic Numerology: A Treatise on Hindu Astronomy (3rd Edition, first published in 1968, `1997)
  • ISBN : 9788172765378
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In this book, the author has fully explained all about astrology in Ancient Indian and has given a description of the various constellations of stars - on which the Science of Astrology is based. The volume is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter gives an account of the antiquity of the Science of Astrology. Chapters II, III and IV give an account of the movements of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. Chapter V gives a number of tables pertaining to dates, latitudes and longitudes, etc. From these tables, the necessary calculations are to be made in framing the horoscopes. Chapter VI and VII deal with special contribution from the author, where the author has examined numerous horoscopes to prove the authenticity of his predictions regarding death and marriage. Chapter VIII is an appendix giving further information to help the calculations.