Varanasi at the Crossroads: A Panoramic View of Early Modern Varanasi and the Story of its Transition (2 Volumes Set)
Swami Medhasanaanda
  • year : 2010
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Summary: Based on an objective evaluation of available materials, as far as possible, this work is a welcome addition to mthe growing corpus of regional history, especially that of cities, and provides the reader with an example of a devoted study derived more from a serious quest to identify the 'personality' of a chosen area than from mere intellectual curiosity. Description: This work has been based on an in-depth study of a vast corpus of source-materials, both primary and secondary, epigraphic, literary and archival, viz., documents, correspondences, administrative reports, charts, maps and plans in addition to non-official records, diaries, memoirs, reminiscences, minutes of civil bodies, visual materials and even testimonials. ISBN 9788187332794 ( Vol. One) ISBN 9788187332800 ( Vol. Two)