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Values We Share: World Heritage Sites in the India - ASEAN Region

Values We Share: World Heritage Sites in the India - ASEAN Region

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Author:Himanshu Prabha Ray
ISBN 13:9788173056376
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Indian Art

About the Book

Contents: List of Illustrations I. Introduction — HimanshuPrabha Ray II. On the Sailing Ship: Providing a Cultural Context to World Heritage Sites — HimanshuPrabha Ray III. Coastal Heritage Shrines: Defining the Maritime World — Susan Verma Mishra IV. Centres of Learning as World Heritage Sites — HimanshuPrabha Ray V. Sculpting Epic Stories in Stone — HimanshuPrabha Ray VI. Scientific Discoveries and World Heritage Sites — Susan Verma Mishra VII. Water Cosmogony and World Heritage — Susan Verma Mishra VIII. Why World Heritage? Beginnings of Studies Relating to India–ASEAN Interactions — HimanshuPrabha Ray Appendix I: List of World Heritage Sites in the ASEAN Region — Susan Verma Mishra Appendix II: List of World Heritage Sites in India — Susan Verma Mishra Bibliography Index World Heritage sites inscribed by UNESCO are important markers of Nation States’ portrayal of their unique cultural heritage in the sphere of global diplomacy. World Heritage sites provide critical insights into vexed issues of contemporary representations of the past and cultural identity. This book addresses this vital theme from the point of view of connectivity and shared cultural spaces in India and the ASEAN region. The book is a pioneering attempt at placing World Heritage monuments and archaeological sites on a global trans-national platform. It will be of interest not only to the general reader and the history buff but will also offer insights for students of international relations, history and cultural studies.