Dr (Prof) S K Sarangi and Dr (Prof) Anandarup Sarangi
  • ISBN : 9789389652901
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This Book covers the entire syllabifor BCA, MCA and Engineering courses including that for MBA For all Indian Universities Including W .B. technkical University and U .P. Technical Unversity. The students in Management, Computer Application and Engineering Coures will find the book very useful and friendly, since it is written simple languges and style with large number of examples. The Book Contains nineteen chapter. Most chapter deal with values and Ethics for both Preofession and Business. Some chapter specifically deal with important topics of current intrest as on the following: Features of values and attitudes including social change necessary for the effective national integrating. Thical issues ralating to Corporate and Political governance recommending measures for improving interrelationship between the Governments at tyhe senter and the state. Ethical codes on social responsibilities of management and business. The United Nation's Globle Compact including its salient principles. Macro-economic theories on Utilitarianism and principles of distributive justice. Views of great personalitites like Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma gandhi, Sri Aurobindo and rabindranath Tagore on values and Ethics. Current state invironmental pollution and measures to minimize the same. GHG Pollution and the Climate refugees. Profession and Business based on values systems amd ethical codes.Code of medical Ethics, A "Question Bank" provided at the end of the book would help student prepare for the examinations. Contents - 1. Values And Ethics 2. Science, Technology And Engineering 3. Environment And Pollution 4. Economics Growth And Devlopment 5. Environment And Strategic Management 6. Technology, Devlopment And human Centered Technology 7. Business Ethics 8. Valuve And Culture 9. Valuve And Profession 10. Growth And Development 11. Secularism, Valuve And Attisudes 12. Management Of Personal Life-Ethical Codes 13. Ethics and Valuve Of Corporate Governance 14. Valuve, Ethics And Humanism 15. Indian Culture And Values 16. Social responsibilities Of Business And Management 17. The Ethical Organization And Issues 18. Ethics And Business 19. Valuves And Ethics In Business (Topics For MBA Curriculum) 20. Code Of Medical Ethics (Topics For MBBS Coures) Question Bank