Valuation of A Firm
Pramod Kesav N
  • ISBN : 9789388008969
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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The Practice Reference Book, Valuation of a Firm, evaluates the firm based on evidences presented (exhibits) for evaluation of material mis-statements identified during an Audit of the firm for ISO Audit, MIS Audit, IRS Audit etc. The Commentaries in the first part of the book explains Standards on Auditing for new or proposed Accounting Standards in a construction site or at an Information Technology firm, happens to be a Learning Organization in Virginia, USA. Material misstatements were identified based on the finding that weak internal controls existed in the firm, prompting an investigation on Risk Assessment premises in the Learning organization with a schedule of Audit Review Engagements. Investigations were carried out by planning for an Audit and identified Engagements that are Audit, Review and Assurance. The remaining chapters in the book reveals Applicable standards and practice based on AICPA Professional standards and have statements on standards for Continuing Professional Education Programs complete with related policies and forms. The conclusion on Valuation of a firm draws heavily on Risk Assessments and Responses on Assessed Risks.