VAKH AND VACANA: The Pearls of Wisdom
Edited by Vasundhara Filliozat and Sushma Jatoo
  • ISBN : 9789391045333
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Vaka and Vachana: The Pearls of Wisdom reaffirms the concord and universality of Indian spirituality and mysticism. The reflective poetry expressed in the local languages of Saint Poets, such as, Lal-Ded of Kashmir and Basaveshvara, Akkamahadevi et al, of Karnataka have abundantly enriched the intellectual, philosophical Shaivite Bhakti traditions of the two different geographies of India. Till date, these traditions embedded in the collective conscience of the indigenous people continue to inspire the philosophers, poets and common people alike. Both the traditions discard the confines of caste, creed, gender and profession. An outcome of two days academic dialogue, the 'Vakh and Vachana: Pearls of Wisdom' is a compendium of recent researches on these two brilliant mystic traditions. The publication intends to connect the readers with these age-old, yet extremely arelevant traditions, which are imbued with sonorous musicality, affluent literary flavour, and sophisticated metaphysical content, expressed in aphoristic language. These enlightening expressions relieve the sufferings of the weary human mind and provide a helping hand and deep insight in realizing the inner 'Self'. These unique as when comprehended in their proper context and with appropriate intent.