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Vaisnava Temples of South India: A Study of Divyaksetras in Tamil Nadu

Vaisnava Temples of South India: A Study of Divyaksetras in Tamil Nadu

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Author:S. Ganeshram
ISBN 13:9789383221028
Subject:Art and Archaeology/Architecture

About the Book

The present book on six Vaisnava Divyaksetras situated in the far south of India is well conceived and designed in seven compact chapters along with a crisp introduction and conclusion. The book traces the evolution of the ksetras from the past to the present as gleaned from literature & epigraphy, presents their topography, ecology and landscape and tells about their importance in the history of Vaisnavism. The study also traces the history of these ksetras during different periods of history based on the epigraphical data. Though the ksetras existed from the time of the Alvars, most of the existing structures are of the Vijayanagara-Nayaka period. The major stress is given to the architectural and iconographical potentialities of the ksetras. The images are examined with due reference to their mythology and canonic mandate. A special emphasis is given to the wood carved chariot of the Srivilliputtur temple. The study also presents an account of the pujas and festivals in the ksetras. This book is a fitting contribution to Vijayanagara-Nayaka studies and indispensable for scholars and students of Indian cultural history.