Santosh Ghosh
  • ISBN : 9789351282068
  • year : 2016
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The Vaisika sutra on courtesans in ancient India, present something delightfully natural and charming in the Hothouse of Sanskrit belles-letters. Herein each story attempts to depict the life and style of courtesans as whole. This complex emotion has inspired the stories in this form of unique book, where readers will find reflections of their own feeling thoughts and attitudes not only courtesan, but also their male partner, their character, qualities and reputation inscribe. As such the importance of these stories from the standpoint of Hindu social history in various part of India is immense. They are also very important documents from the literary aspect. In addition to supplying evidence of the decadence of Hindu society. These poignant, intriguing, beautiful, comical and gesture of charming courtesans stories telling by greatest ancient Buddha - Jaina commentator, sanskrit poet, dramatist, writers of all time, will definitely leave redars mind with memorable, lingering touch of romance. This book is classified into seventh chapters. The very first chapter: Ascetics and Courtesans by Jan Gonda included 'The Canter of Samaveda and Courtesan'. Second Chapter: Jataka : Stories of Courtesans. Third Chapter: Kamma Katha Sagara. While Fourth Chapter Presents: Caturbhani (Four Play) included Ubhayabhisarika (The Mutual Elopment) of Vararuci. Padmaprabhrtaka (The Lotus Gift ) of Sudraka . Padatatadiaka (The Kick) of Syami laka. Dhurta-Vita-Samvada (message from a claver vita) of Ishvaradatta. Fifth Chapter : Kuttanimahatmyam of Damodaragupta. Sixth Chapter: Srinagaramanjuri of Raja Bhoja. And the last Chapter : Courtesan in Bombay of K. Ragunathji.