Uttar Pradesh: The Land of the Epics
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Book Description: Event Express, 2015. Hardcover. Book Condition: New. 1st Edition. Contents: 1. Destinations: The jewels in the crown. 2. Lesser known destinations: Hidden gems. 3. Monumental heritage: Spectrum of architectural splendour. 4. Spiritual splendour: the theatre of sacred spaces. 5. Arts and crafts: timeless heritage of beauty and talent. 6. Cuisine: Culinary kaleidoscope extraordinaire. 7. Fairs and festivals : cultural carousel. 8. Wildlife and nature : Wilderness wonderland. 9. Nature-culture wonders: River Sutra. 10. Village ways : Agra’s Kachhpura tourist village. 11. Filmmaking: Uttar Pradesh goes to the movies. 12. The tours: Uttar Pradesh in 15 Days