Urbanisms in South Asia: North-East India Outside In
Edited by Deka, Meeta
  • ISBN : 9789390022335
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Urban studies or urban history has recently emerged as a compelling framework for historical inquiry as it is a potent tool for the discovery of variations in urbanism and urbanization in the early modern and modern period. Urbanisms in South Asia: Northeast India Outside-In focuses on space syntax and social identity, power and governance, environment and ecology, culture and modernity, lived experiences, and the establishment of the transnational as pivotal for understanding the process of urbanization in the local as well as global context. With several chapters based on primary sources, the book offers new information on cities evolving on diverse topographies such as coastal areas, plains and even hilly states, as it attempts to examine the inner dynamics of cities and beyond. As the developing countries of South Asia undergo rapid urbanization, and urbanism takes on an increasingly global perspective through interactions and developments between cities and the environment, beyond nation-states and across continental boundaries, this volume strives to help its readers to look ‘Outside-In’ through comparative, transnational or crosscultural approaches. With an interdisciplinary approach, which includes sociology, the natural sciences, environmental history, archaeology, geography, history and psychology to understanding urbanism, these essays, variegated in outlook and geographical settings, tease out further research prospects while stimulating interest on urban studies in general.