Urban Planning: New Challenges and Dimensions
Edited by Trivedi, Dr Priya Ranjan and Dr Markandey Rai
  • ISBN : 9788171391004
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present publication titled "Urban Planning : New Challenges and Dimensions" is a very unique source of information not only for those working in the Central and State Governments dealing with urban affairs but also for the students, faculty members and researchers dealing with urban planning, development as well as administration. Important topics covered under this publication include urban planning, history of urban planning, theories of urban planning, urban studies, urban informatics, smart city, smart cities mission, list of planned cities, urban agriculture, urban area, city, town, slum, urban decay, urban renewal, urban sprawl, transportation planning, sububanization, environmental planning, toilet, sewage treatment, arcology, autonomous building, industrial park, ecovilage, ecological health, ecological sanitation, urbanization, urban anthropology, urban culture, urban design, landscape urbanism, sustainable city, smart growth, sustainable urbanism, urban density, urban economics, urban village, zoning, urban ecology, urban exploration, urban forest, urban forestry, urban geography, urban history, urban reforestation, urban sociology, urban wilderness. urban climatology, urban climate etc.