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Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship: Why Entrepreneurs Do What They Do

Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship: Why Entrepreneurs Do What They Do

Author:S. Parthasarathy
ISBN 13:9788129151124
Subject:Commerce and Management

About the Book

What needs of an entrepreneur get met by meeting the unmet needs of a customer? What is the main purpose of a business? Do market conditions attract a person to take up entrepreneurship or does the individual attract a specific kind of business opportunity? We often cite reasons external to ourselves when we wish to find a rationale for doing something. Is there a characteristic in us that attracts us to opportunities of a specific kind? Will these opportunities result in success and provide us with a personal sense of alignment to who we are? These perspectives provoke the reader to question, reflect and refine his or her thoughts on certain core fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The author has shared interesting models to help businesses discover customer needs, define customers, segment markets, reach out to customers and position their offerings. The need for emotional intelligence, growth, innovation, new idea generation, empathetic communication, congruent actions and resilience after business failures have all been explored in this book using various models, case studies and illustrations.