Unlock the Mystery of Indus Civilization History: Decipherment of Indus Script
Dhanpat Singh Dhania
  • ISBN 13 : 9789386463104
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
This book describes two important factors—the decipherment of Indus language and Indus valley civilization history and culture identification. It discusses about the Indus language formation system, its natural and regional properties, Indus seals written order and method of writing and reading, Indus language methodology, its various principles of character formation system, its units and methods adopted to create the Indus language characters. Further it explains about the transformation of Indus language into various languages i.e. Sanskrit, Brahmi etc. It contains the decipherment of Indus seals and Rama dynastic history found written on Harappa and Mohenjodaro seals. Harappan People’s migration from Ghaggar-Sarasvati (Haryana) to Ghaggar-Saryu (UP) Basin has also been described. An engraved slab found at Bhaja rockshelter (Pune hills) written in Brahmi and Indus languages, that calibrated as 200 BCE accords the later period of Indus language use. The razor found during excavation at Rodji and written language over it was deciphered as Kaal Bhairo. A slab found at Harappa deciphered as Chandi Maa, Vishnu statue at Naushero, Khappar Bharni statue at Mohenjodaro, Shiv-Linga at Kalibangan, all accords the worship of the cult of Indus valley civilization. It is hoped that this well illustrated book will help the readers to discover and unlock the mystery of Indus history and culture.