Unfolding Archaeology: Exploration on the Right Bank of River Daya, from its origin to Tirimal in District Khurda, Odisha
Dr Dilip Kumar Khamari
  • ISBN 13 : 9789385161636
  • year : 2017
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The exploration carried out on the right bank of river Daya in Distt. Khurda Odisha covering 112 locations has unfolded new facets of archaeology in the region. The habitations on the river valley particularly in the coastal area during the Neolithic chalcolithic time have thrown fresh lights on the settlement pattern. The outcome of the exploration supported by photographs of antiquarian remains has been given in this book with the objective to provide mostly first hand information to students and research scholars so that the very objective of the effort is achieved and further researches are carried out. Selecting the banks of river Daya for the exploration is perhaps a thoughtful move by the author because the history of Odisha would perhaps remain incomplete without referring to river Daya.