Tribal ethno-medicine and health care practices
K.Viswanadha Reddy
  • ISBN : 9788176467735
  • year : 2011
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The Present Volume contains only Twenty six articles on Tribal Ethno- medicine and Health Care Practices", Presented at the UGC National Seminar organized at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati and later revised. The articles in clued Socio- Cultural dimensions of Tribal Health, Ethno-Medicine and Health care Practices including Folk therapists, shamans and aged people, Role and Impact of other systems of medicine on Ethno-medicine and Health care Practices, Nutritional status and physical growth strategies for health care planning and development for the tribal people and their areas. The views expressed by the contributors are of great significance in the national interest in suggesting the various measures and alternative strategies for Tribal Health and development in the light of Socio-economic and cultural attitudes and con taints