Treponema Denticola: The Periodontal Pathogen
Dr Divya
  • ISBN : 9788183248952
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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In this book the effort has beenmade to emphasize theimportance of role ofTREPONEMA DENTICOLA inpathogenesis of periodontaldisease.T.denticola is frequentlyisolated from sites of severeinfection in patients withperiodontitis.The characteristicsofT. denticola that represent itsmajor virulence factors inchronic periodontitis are: itsmotility and chemotaxis, whichenable the bacterium to rapidlycolonize new sites, penetratedeep periodontal pockets, andpenetrate epithelial layers. Itsability to interact synergisticallywith other periodontalpathogens on several levels; itsability to produce cytotoxicmetabolites; and its ability toform biofilms and a range ofcell-surface proteins todysregulate the host defense tohelp protect the subgingivalbiofilm and cause host tissuedestruction.