Edited by R K Behl, Machiavelli Singh, Achim Ibenthal and Manfred J Kern
  • ISBN : 9788194748076
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Innovations coupled with entrepreneurships in Science and Technology are essentially needed for realizing the UN goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. For that matter, appropriate, affordable, simple and easy to use technologies should be generated for sustainable agriculture, safe food, environment protection and tangible health. Science, Technology, Innovations and Entrepreneurships can increase the efficiency, effectiveness, impact and complement the efforts of government and institutions for socio-economic and environmental benefits under climate change. Several innovations and green technologies, bio-technologies, agri-technologies developed and spread around the world over the last few decades, have helped improving crop growth and health, establishing enterprises in agriculture, food and feed processing, health/hygiene, infrastructure and civic amenities in rural and urban settings. Digital technologies support almost free and fast flow of ideas, knowledge and data offering opportunities for collaborative and open approaches to innovation in Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship for inclusive growth. This book contains thirty-seven papers contributed by luminaries in science and technology and young researchers from various countries. For systematic and comprehensive reading these papers have been resolved into five sections including two vision papers on plant-based meat alternatives and GM food and feed and thirty-five papers included in four sections namely Crop Improvement; Sustainability, Energy and Environment; Biologically Oriented Agriculture; Technology for Health Diagnostics. Hope this book will serve the valuable purpose by inspiring the readers from among teachers, scientists, research scholars, students, NGO's, policy planners alike to enrich their knowledge poolContents: VISION PAPER Meat Alternatives (“Plant-Based Meat”) Will Plow Up Agriculture in the Future by 2025/2050!? Manfred J. Kern Foods and Feeds from Genetically Modified and Genome Edited Plants (GMP; GEP): New Aspects Gerhard Flachowsky SECTION 1: CROP IMPROVEMENT Potato: A Crop Contributing to Sustainable World Food Security Edward Arseniuk Sustainable Plant Food Production: Environmental Footprint, Nutritive Value and Cost Seedhabadee Ganeshan and Ravindra N. Chibbar Development of Seed Sector in Turkey S. Ahmet Bağcı Bioactive Compounds and Oil Profile Characterization of Tunisian Durum Wheat, Barley and Oat Varieties Youkabed Zarroug, Dorra Sfayhi Terras, Nour El Houda Jouini, Nouha Farès, Mouldi El Felah, and Mohamed Kharrat Selection Parameters to Breed Wheat Genotypes for Heat Tolerance Suresh, O. P. Bishnoi and R. K. Behl Bio-Fortification a Mean to Concur the Hidden Hunger in Wheat Baldeep Singh, Geeta Boken and R. K. Behl Transgenic Technology for Development of Chickpea against Biotic and Abiotic Stresses Preeti, Pushpa Kharb, and Sumit Jangra Perennial Forage Sorghum: A Potential Source to Boost Fodder Production Pummy Kumari, Satpal and S. K. Pahuja Root Architectural Traits Pertaining to Nitrogen use Efficiency in Wheat Madhu Dhingra and Shalini Jhanji SECTION 2: SUSTAINABILITY, ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT A Complementary Analytical Framework to Reach Food-Security by 2030 and Global Equitable Carbon Neutrality by 2050: Preliminary Considerations for Crop and Livestock Management in Different Regions of the World Arthur Riedacker pH-Values and Nutrient Availability in the Long-Term Experiment “Eternal Rye” (Halle) Over a Period of 140 Years W. Merbach, F. Herbst, W. Gans, and U. Völker For Academic Training in Agriculture in African Countries Martin Waehner Socio-Economic Dimension of Sustainable Livelihood in Subaltern Perspective in Reference to Arsi Zone, Ethiopia Mesay Barekew, and Joseph Antony Vedanayagam Technology Intervention for Sustainable Food Grain Production: A Pilot Study P.B.S. Bhadoria and Dillip Kumar Swain Bioenergy from Agroforestry Species in Different Ecologies – An Overview Nupur S. Sharma Pravin Kumar Sharma and R. K. Behl Bio-Based Plastics: A Sustainable Alternative to Conventional Plastic Vaishali Arora, Sangeeta Jonwal, and Babita Khosla Moringa: A Miracle Tree for Africa-Asian Health Seema Sonkar and Kahsai Wolde Giorgis Effect of Cadmium on Plant Physiological and Metabolic Processes Meena Deswal, J S Laura and Sridevi Tallapragada Environmental Impacts of Fly Ash Production and Uses Vishal Behl, Vijay Dahiya, and Babita Khosla Management of Alkalinity and Salinity for the Production of Vegetables Sanjay Kumar, Vinod Phogat and Vijay SECTION 3: BIOLOGICALLY ORIENTED AGRICULTURE A Review on Desert Date Balanites aegyptiaca L. and Del.: General Uses and Future Prospective as Botanical Insecticide Elhadi Morzog, Salih Ahmed Nurain and Sulieman H Ali Biostimulants: A Tool in Sustainable Agriculture Avitha K. Marihal, P. S. Chandrashekharaiah, K.S. Jagadeesh and Amrutha G Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria: A Promising Approach Towards Sustainable Agriculture Anju Rani, Jayanti Tokas, Himani Punia, Surina Bhadu and Sweety Sihag Bioprospecting Plant Growth Promoting Bacterial Endophytes from C. arietinum and P. sativum Rajat Maheshwari, Pradeep Kumar, Namita Bhutani, and Pooja Suneja Quorum Quenching: A Novel Approach to Treat Bacterial Infections Ravneet Chug, Ayushi Srivastava, Babita Khosla, Machiavelli Singh Role of Endophytes in Development, Nutrient Acquisition, and Tolerance to Abiotic Stress in Host Plant Megha Mittal, Babita Patni, Manju Sharma and Machiavelli Singh Role of Earthworms in Soil Ecotoxicology Assessment Studies Yasha Yadav and Vineeta Shukla SECTION 4: TECHNOLOGY FOR HEALTH DIAGNOSTICS Novel High-Accuracy Emotion Recognition Technology using 3D Electromagnetic Articulography Dmitry Knyazev, Benedict Beppler, and Stephan Biermann Optimum Deep Learning Hyperparameters for Computer Aided Malaria Diagnosis David Härer, Konrad Kraft, Yaecob Girmay Gezahegn, and Achim Ibenthal Behavioural Insights of COVID-19: A Survey Based Study Among People of SAARC Nation Inam Sapkota, Ahmed Shammas Yoosuf, and Ashutosh Panda Technological Approaches for Management of Psychological and Neurological Disorders: Mini Review Kanishka Behl, and Ashutosh Panda Evaluating the Association of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphism with the Risk of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Ritu Deswal, Smiti Nanda and Amita Suneja Dang Robotics Technology in Physiotherapy R. K. Mudgil and Lalit Sharma In Silico Analysis of Endosymbionts of Bemisia tabaci (White Fly) by Artemis and Artemis Comparison Tool Pardeep Kumar, Ravi Datta Sharma and Machiavelli Singh NBIOT for Agriculture Rasveen and Khyati Chopra