Trends and Issues in Doctoral Education: A Global Perspective
Edited by Maria Yudkevich, Philip G Altbach and Hans de Wit
  • ISBN : 9789353882549
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Doctoral education is of prime importance worldwide. In many countries, there is severe shortage of doctoral degree holders, while in others there is an oversupply in many fields. There is a global debate on the best ways of providing doctoral training. To illustrate global trends, the book analyses the current realities of doctoral education with the help of case studies based on fourteen countries and one continent. It includes an overview of the state of the literature on doctoral education as well as an analysis of doctoral education from a historical perspective with a detailed comparative discussion. Trends and Issues in Doctoral Education: A Global Perspective also examines the challenges and ideas of current and proposed reforms in doctoral education. Contents: Preface Acknowledgements Part I: Introduction Ayenachew A. Woldegiyorgis, Victor Rudakov, Ksenia Rozhkova and Dara Melnyk Trends and Practices: The Literature Concerning Doctoral Education Maresi Nerad Doctoral Education Worldwide: Three Decades of Change Part II: Europe Julien Calmand, Thierry Chevaillier and Jean-François Giret Between Change and Continuity: The Transformation of Doctoral Education in France Barbara M. Kehm The Past, Present and Future of Doctoral Education in Germany Marek Kwiek Poland: An Abundance of Doctoral Students but a Scarcity of Doctorates Elena Kobzar and Sergey Roshchin Russian Doctoral Education: Between Teaching and Research Rosemary Deem and Shane Dowle The UK Doctorate: History, Features and Challenges Part III: North America Ann E. Austin and Emily R. Miller Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities for US Doctoral Education Part IV: Africa Ayenachew A. Woldegiyorgis Challenges of Development of Doctoral Education in Africa Damtew Teferra Imperatives and Realities of Doctoral Education in South Africa Part V: Asia Shuhua Chen Mainland China: Rapid Growth and New Strategies in Doctoral Education N.V. Varghese The Role of Doctoral Education in Developing Research Capacities in India Futao Huang From Quantitative Expansion to Qualitative Improvement: Changes in Doctoral Education in Japan Aliya Kuzhabekova Development and Transformation of Doctoral Education in Kazakhstan HeeJin Lim, Seung Jung Kim and Jung Cheol Shin Rapid Development and Current Rethinking in Doctoral Education in South Korea Part VI: Latin America Ana Maria Fonseca de Almeida, Mauricio Ernica and Marcelo Knobel Building Research Capacity and Training: Brazilian Dilemmas in Doctoral Education Ana Luisa Muñoz-García and Andrés Bernasconi Reassessing the Progress of Doctoral Education in Chile Part VII: Middle East Tatiana Karabchuk United Arab Emirates: A Doctoral Education Start-Up Part VIII: Conclusion Maria Yudkevich, Philip G. Altbach, Hans de Wit and Victor Rudakov Doctoral Education Worldwide: Key Trends and Realities Index